Our Mission

We are artists with a drive to serve businesses.

We exist to serve the needs of our clients, to do everything with innovation and excellence, and to grow as creative individuals and a creative team — to the glory of God alone.

Our work is pretty...and pretty darn effective.

Each video, photo, post, and page is an opportunity to drive qualitative and quantitative results for our clients. The results speak for themselves.

94th percentile in activation across 4,700+ ads (measured November 2021).
Net brand gain for home services ad (measured November 2021).
+ yrs
Professional experience of senior staff members alone. (Yeah, even with how young we look 😉.)
Phoenix Magazine's Best of the Valley 2021 & 2022 (and running).

Customer testimonials

Some of our favorite words from some of our favorite people.

"They took the time to understand what I did and what I needed. The videos turned out amazing and have helped my business reach more people."

Dr. Jeremy Kerrigan

The Chiropractic Wellness Institute

"You guys did a fantastic job on this one! . . . Your efforts and the final product from this have certainly earned our business moving forward!"

Matt Goodknight

Director of Marketing, AR500

"The testimonials are beautifully filmed, engaging, and deliver our message effectively . . . In other words, the videos sell the products FOR us."

Our moms

(no, really)

Our team

50/50 chance whether we're at the office or the nearest Chipotle.

Caleb Marsh

Caleb Marsh has had a passion for filmmaking and entrepreneurship since grade school. From making films with his siblings in his backyard to interning with the premier corporate video production company in Dubai, Caleb has been invested in the world of filmmaking for years. His vision is to create more than just a video production company with Redd Legend; he wants to create an environment where artists can freely collaborate to solve business challenges by creating high-quality visual media.

Abraham Silva
Creative Director

Abraham Silva has been making films since childhood. Prior to starting Redd Legend he directed and produced advertisements in the Payson, AZ area for several years. His work for small businesses and private schools has been featured on client websites and in movie theaters. Abraham also worked as a contractor for the Arizona Cardinals’ video production team. His background in graphic design as well as film has contributed to his strong visual ability and aesthetic sense.

Jamie Hawk

If you want to accomplish anything as a business, you need a Jamie. Whether she is building her own business or wrangling a family (and assigning chores to her kids on ClickUp), Jamie has an undeniable expertise in creating scalable systems and top-notch customer experiences. She landed at Redd Legend with the goal of running our business operations like, well, a business. And the creatives here are very grateful for that.

Noah Kalawsky
Lead Cinematographer

Noah Kalawsky began working with Redd Legend as a camera operator and quickly became a core part of the team. His aesthetic sense and knack for storytelling give him the ability to switch seamlessly between capturing beautiful cinematography and working with clients to tell powerful stories. Noah continues to push the technical and artistic boundaries at Redd Legend, and leads the charge alongside Abraham in the making-things-look-awesome department.

Anna Silva
Lead Photographer

Anna works with people in business to capture their genuine personalities and tell their unique story with every photo. Anna started taking photos at a young age and since then has sharpened her skills in portrait photography. Her goal is to make each person she photographs feel as beautiful and loved as she can.

Eowyn Innes

Eowyn Innes is passionate about building a space for creatives, having experience in both the technical and artistic sides of video production. She honed her craft in visual media in New York City for several years before settling in Phoenix. She is excited to bring both her creative and organizational skills to Redd Legend. 

Nico Useche
Video Editor

It is rare to find someone who is both creative and organized, but Nico beats the odds and brings both an incredible artistic sense and operational efficiency to the team. Having retired from his life as a nomad, Nico settled down in Phoenix and became the newest addition to the Redd Legend team as a video editor. He works to shape footage into stories and takes the lead on the majority of projects in post-production.

Emma Kuball
Marketing Specialist

Emma started off managing the Redd Legend social media account, but it quickly became clear that her skills needed to be shared with Redd Legend’s clients. Emma lives and breathes communication and is uniquely qualified to handle strategy and execution for social media management and marketing campaigns.

Alison Miceli
Project Manager

Managing creatives is never easy, but Alison makes it look like child’s play. Alison coordinates productions and ensures projects get out the door on time. She serves as the point of contact for logistics and communications.

Jay Brodeur
Production Assistant

Jay carries the nickname "Sunshine" — and it is well-deserved. Whether he is setting up lights or helping direct interviews, Jay brings a personal touch and amazing attitude to every challenge from pre to post production. As production assistant, he is the catch-all and master of the minutiae on the team and keeps shoots running smoothly.

Korry Dwiggins
Video Editor

Korry started working with Redd Legend as one of our favorite contractors, and joined the team full-time in 2023. He has an eye for detail and makes it a habit to try new things in the world of video — especially when it comes to sports. Whether on the field or behind the monitor, Korry's goal is to invoke emotions and tell stories.

A Letter From Our Founders

Redd Legend was founded from a passion to create a space for artists to thrive. We are obsessed with ethical marketing, the creative process, and results-oriented media.

Centrally Located In The Valley

Serving all of Phoenix and worldwide.

Redd Legend Media
1555 E Orangewood Ave
Suite 1
Phoenix, AZ

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