How to Rebrand Your Business

June 3, 2024
min read

How to Rebrand Your Business

June 3, 2024
min read

Yay, you’re rebranding your business! Maybe you’re shifting your target audience, or trying to differentiate your services from your competitors. Perhaps your company merged or got a new acquisition, or you need a refresh on your brand reputation. Whatever your motivation, how can you make sure that you won’t need to rebrand your rebranding all over again, sooner rather than later?

Research, research, research!

  • Without a real awareness of current market trends and consumer preferences and behaviors in your industry, your branding is blind.
  • It’s helpful to refresh your perspective on who your competitors are. How are they closing the deal with your target audience?
  • Take note of customer feedback and employee evaluations of your company.

Update Your Brand Identity

  • Make sure to revamp your logo design and even color palette to match the tone of your rebranding—and the current trends in your industry.
  • Brand voice matters! As needed, change the tone and messaging of your communication to your target audience, especially if your audience has changed.
  • Logo design and brand voice changes should be expressed in your website design, content, ad campaigns, social media profiles, etc.

Be Willing to Adjust

  • The fact that you’re rebranding should prove that adjusting is important for the longevity of your business.
  • Stay current with the direction of market trends and consumer behavior, gather feedback from your customers, employees, and stakeholders, and adjust your new branding as needed.
  • Based on your research, reposition your brand to target your ideal customer in ways relevant to current trends and behaviors, like new social media platforms they might use to consume information and content.

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