Video Marketing Trends for 2024: What You Need To Know

July 1, 2024
min read

Video Marketing Trends for 2024: What You Need To Know

July 1, 2024
min read

Video is more valuable than ever.

We see social platforms shifting focus to short form and long form videos, “for you” algorithms, and various new features that enhance user experience, especially as it pertains to watching videos.

Because we’re deep in the video business, we thought we’d share with you some of the video marketing trends so far this year. You might find something to implement for your own content!

Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence

Surprise, surprise! Yes, AI is only getting more interesting as we write. Integrations with the likes of ChatGPT, for instance, are helping creators optimize the process for video strategy, script writing, creation, and editing or post-production. Be sure to check out what AI tools or integrations are available for your current video production software.

Trend #2: Short-Form Video is Powerful

Videos under 60 seconds that can tell the full story are still the prominent and effective way to reach social platform audiences, and video production mobile apps are making it easier to create them.

Trend #3: People Watch Videos Muted!

Much of the time, people are watching videos throughout the day in situations that might be too uncomfortable to play audio from their phones. As a result, adding subtitles or captions to your videos is absolutely important to reach many of these consumers.

Trend #4: Fewer Videos in Google SERPs

Google is reducing the amount of videos that show up in search results, emphasizing videos that are the main, central content of a page, as opposed to any peripheral videos that might be supplementing the page topic. This means a video about the main topic of your page is what’s valuable in ranking your video in the Google SERPs.

Trend #5: Email Newsletters

Newsletters are booming, and it’s a great way to share long-form video content with your email lists. Don’t overlook the opportunities you have in your email marketing campaigns for sharing video.

Trend #6: User Collaborations

Brands are now collaborating with prominent social media influencers or celebrities to tap into their audiences. Consider influencers that may share in your target audience, especially if they’re able to showcase and positively review your product or service, giving your brand more credibility and exposure.

Trend #7: Live Streaming

Looking for more personal ways to humanize your brand? Few things are as effective as live streaming! This is a much more candid way of communicating with your followers, whether you’re making an announcement, showcasing a product or service, or simply sharing about yourself, the brand, or fellow employees. It allows for real-time interaction with your audience.

At Redd Legend, our speciality is storytelling that strengthens the bond between brand and audience. And although the trends and technology are ever-changing, the importance of storytelling never does. Schedule a discovery call with us today!

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