10 Ways to Improve Your Brand Messaging‍

February 2, 2024
min read

10 Ways to Improve Your Brand Messaging‍

February 2, 2024
min read

Do you get the sense there’s more of your audience you could be reaching? Or that you’re simply reaching the wrong people too much of the time?

Improving your brand messaging will pierce through the marketing noise and help you more precisely cater to your ideal customers. Here are ten ideas to help you focus in on your brand!

1. Target Audience

  • Consider who your audience truly is—who are the people you believe need your solution?
  • Create a “buyer persona” to more clearly lay out the details of who your customers are.

2. Know Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Your USP is what sets your product/service apart from all your competitors. Communicate this uniqueness early and often to your customers.
  • Ask yourself questions such as, “Who am I?” or “Who would I like to be as a brand?”

3. Know Thyself

  • Based on the first two points, define the kind of messaging (such as tone) that best fits your target audience and USP.
  • Define your company values and goals along the same lines.

4. Tell A Story

  • Your marketing should communicate the unique story of how you’re solving your customer’s problem
  • Your customer should be emphasized as the hero solving the problem.

5. Create Your Brand Positioning Statement

  • Summarize your brand and your products/services by writing a clear and precise positioning statement
  • At the very least, this statement will be used internally for developing your brand messaging.

6. Analyze Your Competitors

  • How are your competitors communicating to your target audience? What tone do they use (serious, humorous, informational, etc.)?
  • Which social platforms are the most successful for your competitors?

7. Make Your Brand Voice Unique

  • What voice or tone do you want to use? What will stand out?
  • Define a voice that marries your USP, brand identity, ideal customer persona, and competitor research.

8. Get Customer Feedback

  • Both positive and negative feedback will help you modify your brand messaging as needed to more precisely cater to your ideal customer.

9. Develop Your Brand Style Guide

  • A formalized style guide help your company establish a benchmark for the content and marketing departments, as well as all customer service and salespeople.
  • Your style guide will ensure brand consistency across the board!

10. Continually Evaluate and Modify

  • Your brand will ideally be ever-evolving, just as your customers and the marketplace change over time.
  • Keep a close read on the pulse of your target audience and market changes so that five or ten years down the road, your brand will still be unique and effective!

At Redd Legend, we love working with purpose-driven companies to develop powerful brand identities and messaging strategies that will reach your ideal audience! Connect with us for a complimentary brainstorming session—no obligations attached! We will work together to uncover the unique story your brand has to offer your ideal audience. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute strategy call!

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