7 Effective Brand Positioning Strategies for Your Business‍

February 19, 2024
min read

7 Effective Brand Positioning Strategies for Your Business‍

February 19, 2024
min read

Why should your target audience choose you rather than your competitors?

Your brand positioning plan is your direct message to your audience about the advantages of choosing your brand. This takes some self-reflection and honesty—why is your service or product superior to the other options available? This is not about falsely communicating how you’re better in every way compared to your competitors, but it is about emphasizing how you outshine competition. Here are some ways to consider how you stick out:

  1. Customer Service

If your industry has a reputation for a lack of quality customer service, stand out by not only promising friendly, compassionate service, but actually by providing it! You can go the extra mile by anticipating confusion, frustration, etc. about the intricacies of your product, and being proactive about your relationship with your customers.

  1. Convenience

Consider ways in which your product or service is more convenient than your competitors. Find at least one way you can stand out—and if there are multiple factors, even better! Consider:

  • Accessibility
  • User-Friendliness
  • Service Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Transaction Simplicity
  • Customization
  • Reliability
  • Loyalty Incentives

  1. Uniqueness

Are you serving a niche market with your product or service? Lean into this as a positive differentiator, because if you’re truly unique, you might not have any direct competitors after all! Or at least that’s the message you can broadcast.

  1. Value

Even if your company is not the cheapest option, you can explain why the product you offer has the best value compared to your competitors. Value is what customers are generally looking for; they want to get the most out of their money!

  1. Solution-Based

Market around the problem your brand is providing the solution for, especially if it is a prevalent problem in your particular market area. Consider marketing in such a way that puts your customer as the hero you are equipping to overcome this problem, such as this video we made.

  1. Quality

If you’ve got a quality product, it’s likely more expensive. You’ll need to let your audience in on why you’re offering something worth their money, especially if your price is above your competitors.

Consider the following differentiators for quality:

  • Quality Benchmarking for Your Industry
  • Material/Craftsmanship
  • Performance/Durability
  • Design/Aesthetics
  • Certifications and Awards
  • Customer Reviews
  • Innovation
  • Quality Control Processes
  • Expert Endorsements
  • Product Trials and Samples
  • Service Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Transparency

  1. Innovation

There are plenty of people who are into the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. Think of iPhones, electric cars, and AI integrations. Showcase any way in which you are innovating within your industry, how your product or service is cutting-edge…and it doesn’t have to be technological! You could very well be innovating in your customer service strategy, quick deliverability, 24/7 help lines, same-day maintenance and repair, local accessibility, etc.

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