How to Scale Your Business Through Brand Messaging

January 11, 2024
min read

How to Scale Your Business Through Brand Messaging

January 11, 2024
min read

Your customer base is loyal but small. Some of them you know personally, others are likely referrals of previous customers, and an even smaller some might come through your digital marketing channels.

You know that more people out there genuinely need your particular product or service, even when other brands provide a similar solution. You want to expand your reach to those people.

You must figure out: what sets you apart and makes your product desirable?

Brand messaging is fundamental to piercing through the noise and reaching your ideal audience. It is your chance to show potential customers how your solution is the best fit for their problem. If you can’t stand out from your competitors, how are they supposed to value your solution above other options?

Strong, consistent brand messaging across all platforms produces a clear brand identity: your brand personality and voice that is fine-tuned to your ideal audience. This requires strong self-identity (”know thyself”, the value proposition of your product or service) as well as a good understanding of those you intend to serve. The more precise your brand messaging, the more strongly it will come through the noise to your potential customers. A well-defined strategy is key to doing just that.

Although you might modify the way you communicate according to each platform, there should be enough consistency among them all so that what is essential to your brand identity isn’t lost, and still shines through despite these modifications. For instance, how you communicate via Instagram will likely differ from how you relate to your audience by email.

It’s also worth considering the difference between your brand messaging versus the medium or tools you use. Be open-minded to how you can innovate and step outside the box, your comfort zone—and stay in front of the box—as you express your brand message in innovative or simply different ways.

It can be hard developing a strategy on your own, especially if you’re starting at ground zero! Reach out for a no-strings-attached brainstorming session so we can talk through your brand identity and messaging strategy today.

Click here to schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with Redd Legend to find your brand’s voice!

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