How We Make People Buy

Caleb Marsh
June 8, 2024
min read

How We Make People Buy

Caleb Marsh
June 8, 2024
min read

Video production is not about cool images. Never has been, never will be — at least not for me. I run a storytelling agency disguised as a video production company, which means I'm out here to take control over the course of people's lives, hotwire into their minds through their emotions, and rewire their thoughts.

That's what story does. That's how we make people buy.

We "make" people buy by convincing them to buy. We change their minds.

Tell Stories, Build Trust, Drive Sales

Here's our secret to driving sales and convincing customers to buy:

A business wants their customers to buy their stuff. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. We can wax philosophical about purpose in excess of profit (thank you DJ for that phrase), which is a great thing, but still at the end of the day businesses exist to sell. At Redd Legend we support businesses by helping them drive sales.

Sales are most easily obtained from a trusting audience. Nobody in their right mind disputes this.

Trust is best built with a story. Here are a few types of stories that can be used to build trust:

  • Brand Story. This is the story of a business' why, their purpose, their mission, their vision, all that stuff that creates a unique feeling for the customer that we call "brand."
  • Product Story. This is the story of how a product is made or a service rendered. Customers find it interesting to see behind the scenes.
  • Consumer Story. This is a story that says to the prospective customer, in the simplest terms, "Here's someone just like you whose life was improved by buying something from this business."

A story chronicles a transformation — from seeing a problem to creating a business to solve it, from raw materials to a final form, from facing an obstacle to overcoming it — transformation makes a story worthwhile.

Here's a syllogism for anyone who remembers Intro to Logic:
P1: Story ⊃ Trust
P2: Trust ⊃ Sales
C: Story ⊃ Sales

Let this be an encouragement to tell stories loudly and often in your business. It's how we help companies make real progress towards their goals.

It's That Simple?


Telling stories well may not always be easy (it requires honesty and openness, and we all know how naturally that comes to us), but it is incredibly straightforward. Try telling a story— write one, record one, use one in a sales meeting. Use one of the three types of stories above. If you're really bold, reach out and have us help you create video to tell your story.

Why Video Is Best

I'm biased, but here are three things that make video such a powerful change-making tool in 2024.

  1. It nails the conversation, all the time, every time.
  2. It works 24/7/365 for cheap.
  3. It allows you to talk to a bunch of people at once.

Video allows you to tell stories in a controlled, precise, and replicable manner.

Caleb Marsh
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