"Video Marketing" Doesn't Work

Caleb Marsh
November 29, 2022
min read

"Video Marketing" Doesn't Work

Caleb Marsh
November 29, 2022
min read

Video marketing doesn't work. 

My name is Caleb Marsh. I run a video marketing company. And the way many business owners approach video production for their companies makes “video marketing" ineffective. Allow me to explain…

We all like to watch good videos, but creating them can be difficult and confusing as a business owner. Do any of these sound familiar?

Meanwhile, you’re just there like:

So you get berated for not “having video,” then you put a bunch of time and money and effort into creating videos, and then…nothing.

No new customers.

No new revenue.

No results.


Because video doesn't do any marketing for you. You want results? Having a video without a wider strategy doesn’t give you results. You are going to need a message, a piece of media, and a marketing plan. Here's a tool we use to help create great video marketing campaigns. 

This tool is nothing revolutionary, but it’s a great way to start thinking about creating simple marketing efforts that are effective. Here’s how to use it.


We always start by asking the question, "What are we trying to say?" 

  • Consider the audience. Who are you trying to reach? What pain points do they have? What do they want? What do they need? Are those the same?
  • Consider your desired outcome. What do you want your audience to think, to feel, and to do? What are they currently thinking, feeling, and doing? How do you educate them to bridge the gap between their current beliefs and what you want them to believe? How do you convey impact so they feel the right things when they think of your product/service? What action can you encourage them to take to interact with you? 

Sure, these can be hard questions. But they are important questions — and the ones we use to discover the message we should be using. 

Congratulations, you have completed step 1 of creating a great video marketing campaign!


This is the fun part — creating the actual video. Our job here is to infuse the message (“What is being said?”) into a piece of media (“What does it look like?”). All of the research we did earlier informs our decisions to create the outcome we desire for our target audience. Each detail of the video makes a difference — lighting choices, frame rate, image style, etc. Every creative choice plays into the feel and message of the video. 

Is the video going on Instagram? We need to make it vertical, and the visual elements need to fit in that frame. Is it playing on a TV in a sports arena? There will be no sound, so we need to communicate 100% of our message visually and can't use any narration or dialogue. 


The final piece of the video marketing puzzle is getting people to see your video — your distribution. You’ve put a bunch of work into developing a great message and making a great video, so it’s time to take it over the finish line by placing it in front of the intended audience. 

Are you publishing the video on organic social media or on your website? Make sure it includes the right context (captions, etc.) to help drive action. 

Are you running the video as part of a digital or traditional ad campaign and paying for views? Make sure you are hitting your intended audience and providing an easy way for them to take the next step. 

This is far from the exhaustive guide for creating a video marketing campaign, but it can be a useful tool to start structuring a campaign. At the end of the day, your message, media, and distribution should work together to inform your audience, convince them of your value, and encourage interaction with your business. 

We’re always looking for opportunities to help businesses think through their marketing and build out a plan for creating great content and getting great results. Want a no-strings-attached consultation? Schedule one here!

Caleb Marsh
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